Upshur Cooperative Parish House and Crosslines Inc.
Sunday, October 09, 2016

Just for You…

Help the Parish House fill hearts, minds and bellies of those in your neighborhood who need it most!

As we enter the fall season and work our way toward the holidays, the need for food among our neighbors will increase.  We are at our lowest point of food this year, with only about 25% of our shelves full.  Please consider donating food for the food pantry.  Here are needs:

pasta and sauce
peanut butter and jelly
canned soup and crackers
canned veggies
canned fruit
canned meat
canned beans
dried beans
and any other non perishables

For the holiday meal baskets we will need:

canned green beans
canned corn
canned sweet potatoes
canned gravy or gravy packets
canned broth
boxes of stuffing mix
canned fruit
pie filling, especially pumpkin and apple
boxes of cake mixes and cans of frosting

Our hours are Mon. – Fri. 9:00 am – 1 pm

Thanksgiving meal distribution will begin on Monday November 10 and last until Tuesday, November 25 during our public hours, with the exception of November 11th which is Veterans’ Day. Constant thoughts in your head how to become rich and successful? With the new play book of ra free you will receive an answer!

Christmas meal distribution will begin on Monday, December 8 and last until Tuesday December 23 during our public hours.



Experiences While Knitting a Blanket by Alicia Rapking   

If you have read my articles over the past four years you will know that I am a knitter.  I have been knitting off and on for most of my life, since the winter I turned five years old.  When I first started knitting it was mostly to pass the time, since I was sick quite often that winter with repeated ear infections.  It was a way to keep me both occupied and somewhat quiet, so that I could rest and heal.

The Parish House and Crosslines Inc. are always taking food donations.




Crop Hunger Walk

The Crop Walk will be at 1pm on October 5th in Jawbone Park!
Hope to see you there.